MLBPA head Michael Weiner took to the airwaves in Toronto today, claiming the union undertook a full investigation in Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista’s belief that he was targeted by drug testers after his two massive breakout seasons.

Hit the jump for the highlights of Weiner’s turn on the Fan 590′s Jeff Blair show.

  • On the integrity of the drug testing program: the players have questions about the testing process and Braun’s case in particular but the players believe in the program
  • On Bautista’s targeted claim: Jose is a straight shooter and one of the strongest leaders in the union.
  • Nobody is targeted, the testing is random
  • Players are continuously put back into the testing pool after each test.
  • If a player comes up often, it is random not targeted
  • Want to avoid limits so players don’t try to game the system (so to speak)
  • Spoke with Jose directly about his concerns/questions, we investigated it and no player is targeted

Weiner goes on to explain the process behind adding Wild Card teams (players want to emphasize winning the division) and assorted unions nuggets (they get along famously with the league! Labour piece peace!) Much ado about not a whole lot, though it is good to hear the union followed up on Bautista’s concerns and fears via all available channels.

Thoughts? Let me summarize my own: