Photoshop: Field of Streams

Oh, the throes of March. Has the monotony of early spring position battle reporting got you down? Tired of reading tales of Player X being in the best shape of his career? I think we’re all ready for some real baseball. In the meantime, even with names like Halladay, Cain, Strasburg and Kershaw set to take the mound in Spring Training action today, there’s always time to pay homage to four of baseball’s greatest fish names.

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  1. Who is number 4? I’m guessing the pic in the back but I can’t make it out.

    How about Brian Bass, Sid Bream, Bobby Sturgeon…

  2. what about ol’ catfish hunter

  3. How did you miss Lip Pike? I mean come on – the guy played for the Brown Stockings!

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