Getting Blanked friend and contributor Chris Creamer of Sports tipped off the twitter world to a great service: the new Jays logo is now available for all your vanity plate needs! Ensure your neighbours and road foes recognize your love of the local nine. Use the six precious characters to forever lasting ode to your favorite baseball team.

The possibilities are limitless, if by limitless you mean six characters long. Some (lame) attempts are below the jump.

Here we see the default option when you first attempt creating a new plate. Go Team. And why not, really?

Why beat around the bush? If you drive a nice enough car, this is potentially a decent little ice breaker and/or opportunity for identity theft.

A common rallying cry. An uncommon occurrence.

Expect to see this on the Blue Jay Hunter mobile in a matter of hours. Not the worst thing in the world.

Simple. Expressive. Negative. Blue Jays fandom in a single image!

Because of course. We are not above just petty attacks here at Getting Blanked (or Ontario, for that matter.)

Let’s see your best attempts in the comments. Dig up your drivers license and have at it.