Baseball, it appears, must prepare its collective self from Bryce Harper. Not because Harper is one of the game’s very best prospects, a plus plus power bat with great speed and all the tools to become a star for years to come.

The concern is, of course, Harper’s attitude. He makes words like “confident” and “brash” seem quaint. He is richer and most and, at age 19, larger than life. Will Leitch’s GQ piece on the former first overall pick doesn’t demonize Bryce Harper, it does a great job of getting out of its own way and letting (this version) of the real Harper come through. The question remains: is this a bad thing all of a sudden?

The sub-headline for Leitch’s profile of Harper begs the invisible powers that be “Please don’t muzzle the most entertaining prospect since Babe Ruth. Thank you, fans everywhere.” In seemingly the next breath, we are told Harper was born to “piss off the baseball establishment.” Each point seems valid.

Fans of the Nationals fear stuffy MLB suits clamping down on their favourite son though “fans everywhere” likely disagree. Make no mistake: the vast majority of fans in every other Major League city are going to hate Bryce Harper. Most of them probably already do.

They will hate him because he’s good and they will hate him because he tries as hard as he can to make you hate him. It’s in his nature. His case is not unlike that of Brett Lawrie, in a way. Blue Jays fans rave over his high energy approach and “I’ll stick’em” attitude, knowing full well in any other circumstance they would scream for his blood at every opportunity.

Athletes of this magnitude have no room for self-doubt. As much as fans love introspective everymen like Dirk Hayhurst, the self-aware nebbish doesn’t bring them out of their seats like a walkoff home run off the bat of a cocky SOB whose every muscle fibre exists to play the game on previously unimagined levels. Sorry, Dirk. The meek shall inherit the publishing deals, at the very least.

And the Rest

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