When the Kansas City Royals locked up young catcher Salvador Perez to a five-year deal after a brief 40 game big league stint, most fans said “who is Salvador Perez?” It is with no small amount of shame that I count myself among them.

Turns out he is quite the catching prospect, pairing decent power with great BABIP skills hitting pedigree and an ability to both catch AND throw. Those are good skills for a catcher to possess.

Things looked up for the Royals! They locked up a key up-the-middle piece at a good price. They have youth all over the diamond! Finally, the sun shines in Missouri!

Whoops. Spoke too soon.

Well, that is just no fun at all. Torn meniscus is bad but [consults medical dictionary] won’t end his career. With Brayan Pena, the Royals have a guy. You only really need a guy. Perez is The Guy, Pena is a guy. After letting his knee heal, Perez can resume being The Guy.

The team, forevermore, remains The Royals.