Josh Hamilton is something of a polarizing figure. He gets a lot of well-deserved praise for exorcising his personal demons and realizing his enormous baseball potential. To journey from rock bottom to American League MVP is not something many people could accomplish.

When posting his otherworldly numbers in 2010, Josh Hamilton did so splitting time between left and center fields, with a few cameos in right and as the DH. In 2011, he again divided his time between left field and center field. Thanks to a scattering of injuries among the Rangers outfield corps, it looks like Hamilton might bounce around between positions once again. Which is not to Josh Hamilton’s liking, it seems. Not one bit.

There is so much innuendo and inference here, I almost don’t feel bad for going ahead and blaming Hamilton for appearing to whine the team’s inability to tell him where they expect to him to play defense every day. Almost.

As Braves blogger Ben Duronio noted on twitter, Miguel Cabrera conceded his position to a (probably) inferior player without making a peep. If Hamilton isn’t happy in left, or center, or whatever, why does he need to make it known to Jim freaking Bowden of all people?

Like Michael Young before him, the Rangers mythmaking machinery will brush Hamilton’s quiet kvetching aside only to note what a gamer he is for suiting up at all outfield posts. He does deserve credit for his versatility and ability to help his team from multiple positions.

As a player who played more than 135 games in a season only once and came out of a game just last week after jamming his heel (totally made up, by the way), he should note that sometimes guys are unable to play and it falls on his teammates and the guys around him to pick up the slack. The best laid plans, you know Josh?