File this one under “ouch.” New old third baseman Miguel Cabrera took a hot shot off the bat of Hunter Pence just under his right eye in the first inning of today’s Grapefruit League tilt between the Tigers and Phillies at Bright House Field in Clearwater, Florida.

Pence stung a grounder that took a high hop that plunked Cabrera, catching a piece of his sunglasses that just might have saved him from more serious injury. Cabrera came out of the game “under his own power” but, as you can see from this lovingly screencapped shot, bled like a stuck pig.

As we “await reports” on Cabrera’s condition, I feel confident in saying the Tigers’ season is over and signing Prince Fielder was a huge mistake.

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  1. I’d suggest slapping a raw steak on that shiner, but I worry Miguel would just eat it.

  2. Absolutely brutal hop off the infield cut. No one field that ball, though most will dodge it and not take it off the face. Looks like is just got his upper cheek and missed his eye, I think he’ll be alright.

  3. It could be worse. He could have bunted into his own eye.

  4. Fuck….I didn’t need this, not today…

  5. I wonder if this will help Cabrera’s UZR rating?

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