Today in OriLOLes

Not much to add here, which comes via your friends at Notgraphs (and C.J. Nitkowski’s Twitter account.) The Orioles: almost always doing it wrong.

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  1. The Orioles remind me of the Hank Scorpio episode of The Simpsons when Hank buys Homer the Denver Broncos and they’re practicing on the Simpsons’ front lawn.

  2. I think of that episode every time i put sugar in my coffee

  3. Sad thing is, the Maryland and surrounding area is rife with baseball fans. They’re starting to feel like Leafs fans.

    • I feel sorry for Baltimore fans. At least Leafs fans get to con themselves into believing half way through the season that their team might actually make the playoffs this time. Baltimore, however, knows well ahead of time that they haven’t got a hope in hell of making the playoffs for the next 5 to 15 years.

      • Very true. At least a couple of bad teams over recent years (Kansas City, for example) have good farm systems. In Toronto, we have the farm system to look forward to, as they’ll soon be on display. But in Baltimore? Houston? That shit is just sad.

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