As Wikipedia somewhat hilariously informs us, teasing in a sexual sense “may or may not be a prelude to intercourse, an ambiguity which can lead to uncomfortable situations.” These words could only have been written by a Wikipedia contributor, for whom it wouldn’t be difficult imagining such an “uncomfortable situation” occurring. Frequently.

While the validity of such a statement cannot be questioned, it’s unlikely that even the most ardent supporters of the Washington Nationals would be anticipating anything resembling carnal pleasure from the team’s best prospect making the Opening Day roster. It nontheless may seem as though they were merely teased with the possibility after Bryce Harper was demoted to Triple A Syracuse yesterday.

Both GM Mike Rizzo and manager Davey Johnson spoke of the 19 year old’s chances earlier this Spring, making it sound as though he had a legitimate shot at making the team. However, after an impressive start to the exhibition schedule, an injury to his calf muscle cost the studallion (the power of stud and stallion combined) prospect a week’s worth of playing time. Throw in a handful of strike outs after his return to the lineup, and Harper is now on track to start the 2012 season in the Minor Leagues, where he’ll most definitely put in some time at center field.

The far more important question than mere positioning, is when will Harper be scheduled to make his big league debut now that he’s set to call Syracuse home for the next little while. While considerations would normally be made from an organizational perspective to not only push back future free agency as much as possible, but also avoid a Super Two situation, the potential for the Nationals to compete in the National League East this season, given the vast improvements to the team’s rotation and the additional Wild Card spot, might make all factors beyond putting the best possible team on the field moot.

As such, Harper’s impending call up could take place as soon as May or as late as the middle of the summer. The only thing for certain is that the call up will occur, and when it does, according to Johnson, we can expect Harper to get “quality at bats” at the Major League level.

And The Rest

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