Yup. Dwight Jones was lucid enough to log into the Globe & Mail’s website and log the comment you see above after reading an article on Blue Jays third baseman, 22 year-old Brett Lawrie. No telling what manner of barbituates Mr. Jones ingested with his lunch but, judging by his fondest for the The Mick, we can assume it came with a generous helping of Jim Beam on the side.

Brett Lawrie is the new switch-hitting Oklahoma farmboy outfielder for the New York Yankees. The new Mickey Mantle, a mythical creature who ranks 16th all-time in home runs and 15th all-time in WAR, who won three MVPs and about a million World Series titles; a baseball talent so prodigious he accomplished all these incredible feats while drunk enough to kill two horses. That is the new expectation/ceiling for Brett Lawrie. No pressure.

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  1. I’ll get the Whiskey.

  2. Drew, why do you hate Canada?

  3. Somebody in the comments section of a blog said something stupid? Surely this can only be a portend of the apocalypse.

  4. This comparison is ridiculous. Clearly Mickey Mantle was the old Brett Lawrie.

  5. Who’s Mickey Mantle?

  6. I punched Mickey Mantle in the mouth

  7. This comparison is so stupid. Mickey Mantle isn’t even alive anymore! Gah!

  8. how on earth does this deserve a post?

  9. Mike Trout is the new Mickey Mantle.

  10. I’d like to check your sources on the validity of this person being real.

  11. Maybe a reincarnation?? Looking forward to a 30/30 seasoon with 80 to 90 RBIS

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