Amid all the hullabaloo over some football-throwing guy joining a new team, usurping the Chosen Quarterback from his ordained role as Football Saviour, Sean Tomlinson at Goal-Line Stand wrote an interesting post about QBs in their age 35 & 36 seasons.

It got me thinking about baseball players at similar ages. So I did some Play Index digging.

Turns out Chipper Jones is even better than we thought. Consider the very best age 35/36 seasons since World War II, by, um, WAR.

Chipper, man. We may never appreciate just how good you really are.

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  1. Wow, he may be ridiculously unlikeable as a person, but damn that’s impressive.

  2. Not to take anything away from Chipper because he truly was/is great… but this seems a bit “cherry pick’y” considering that his age 31-34 seasons were significantly worse than his 35 and 36.

  3. Yeah, but isn’t this the asshole who ripped on Toronto?

  4. Where does he rank among the greatest 3B of all-time?

    For sure top 5, and probably top 3. Is he the greatest 3B ever?

  5. Brett Lawrie? …. dude

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