Jeff Sullivan of SB Nation wrote an illuminating post on the homefield advantage enjoyed by Jered Weaver this morning. It combined a telling quote with some photographic evidence to suggest Weaver is extra difficult to hit during the day in Anaheim. Go and read it, I’ll wait.

Okay. Now. In the interest of searching out any and all inefficiencies, might I suggest just about every single Miami Marlins right-handed pitcher is due to experience a significant uptick in their home numbers. I mean, if throwing out of a rockpile creates problems for hitters during the daylight, imagine trying to pick a baseball out of the monstrosity you see above.

Few pitchers in baseball can match Weaver’s height and three-quarter arm slot, placing his release point farther out towards left field than most pitchers. Compare the horizontal release point of Weaver (6’7) with that of Marlins ace Josh Johnson (also 6’7). The perspective is skewed but that Marlins…thing looks a lot closer to centerfield than the Disney rocks.

Players already made their feelings known after early March exhibition games. This will not end well. The Marlins ode to plutocracy is going to make life very difficult on left-handed batters, believe you me.