Ed. Note: The latest information graphic from the talented Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball shows us teams “head north” for the regular season in only the most general sense.

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  1. How far is the Trop from Tampa’s spring home? Also funny to think that 15 teams head to the wrong city every year to start the season, quite the detour on the way ‘home’.

    • It’s about 79.5 miles via googlemaps from their spring training ballpark in Port Charlotte to the Trop.

    • Greg – that would have been an interesting twist on the infographic, having the distance to the ballparks represented by the distance of the arrows (instead of having all arrows the same length.

  2. You’ll have a tough time convincing anyone around here that Wisconsin isn’t north of Arizona (then again, with the sunshine we’ve had and rain and snow Arizona’s had, maybe you could).

  3. The Rays used to have spring training at Al Lang Field, less than a mile from the Trop. Their practice fields were a little further away in a different part of St. Pete.

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