This poor bastard cannot buy a break. Not the good kind, anyway.

After undergoing Tommy John surgery last year, the histrionic Yankees reliever was on-track for a June return, looking good in his rehab, according to ESPN New York. Now the jerked-around righty faces “several days” in hospital after a bizarre injury.

Update: “open dislocation” is fancyspeak for COMPOUND FRACTURE aka bone protruding through the skin. Ugh. I would like to thank Cashman for spinning the injury in this way to prevent numerous lost breakfast burritos across the land.

Curry also reports (via Twitter) that Joba and his son were playing on a trampoline, proving once again that those contraptions are little more than torture chambers designed to weed out weak or reckless children.

More information on the Joba’s recovery window will likely surface in the coming days. How can this not slow down his arm recovery? Kendry Morales is barely running (but might play this week!) after suffering a harsh break nearly TWO YEARS AGO, I am forced to remind you. writer Bryan Hoch already wonders if this might spell the end to Joba’s season.

Poor Joba. What could have been.