Where is the outrage? Where is the moral grandstanding and open defiance from columnists and talking heads and message board warriors and bloggers and everyone? Where are the bleacher chants and needles and buckets of outright abuse for the never-ending string of thoughtless, selfish, and reckless morons who insist on using Florida and Arizona as their drunken go kart track?

Why will Ryan Braun not go a single day for the next five years without hearing SOMETHING about his positive drug test while the scores and scores and scores of entitled jackasses who ACTUALLY put people’s lives at risk just skate?

This must stop. It has to stop. We, as baseball fans and people of Earth and sensible creatures with feelings and compassion, must stop this. When are the Senate hearings scheduled? Will Miguel Cabrera and Tony LaRussa and every other above-the-law wino that “paid their debt to society” get dragged in front of a kangaroo court to discuss the scourge of idiots driving drunk at 3am? The (evident but never to be spoken of) rampant alcoholism that cuts a swath through Major League baseball.

No. That won’t happen. It won’t happen if somebody dies (they already have) or somebody runs a school bus full of blind children off the road. It will. Not. Happen.

There is no political will for “boys will be boys.” There are no points to gain for rich white people getting caught trying to sneak in the back door of the gated community. This will go on forever. The entertainers entertain, so long as they aren’t impugning the “integrity of the game.”

Two of the players caught yesterday, Bobby Jenks and Matt Bush, have long histories of struggles with alcohol. Treatment is surely available for them but these prideful men may or may not heed the countless warnings and copious professional advice made available to them.

So here we are. And here we will stay. Until someone or something changes in a very, very significant way, not a single thing will change.