Apparently the Hooters Brand Ballgirls at the Phillies are a thing. A sight to behold, so to speak. As hardcore Blue Jays fan and thrice-visitor to Brighthouse Field in Clearwater, FL Alex described the Hooters ballgirls thusly: “Half the time they’re not paying attention. They take forever to chase down a ball & look bored [silly].”

Here’s one of the Hooters ballgirls — seated conspicuously in harm’s way — giving it the old putting myself through college try on a foul ball off the bat of Jimmy Rollins.

Please note the almost imperceptible wardrobe adjustment made before taking after this errant fliner. This is not this young lady’s first day, later supported by this cleanly-fielded carom.

Comments (5)

  1. You wrote Hooster instead of Hooters.

  2. Same day, same game, same inning, next at bat. Possible first day.
    I would say she sitting out of harms way by being away from the ooglers

  3. Still better down the 3rd baseline than A-Rod

  4. Well, only during the playoffs…Marcum was as good or better at getting them there until he suddenly turned into JoJo Reyes in September.

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