Don’t get me wrong here, I love a good bat flip. It’s just that, you know, it’s spring training.

I guess we’ll take the LOL road on this one:

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  1. It’s going to be a long summer of hating Cody Ross.

  2. Pimping a Spring Training Homer… Like a BOSS

  3. I’d give him 10 for his hand motion, but 1 for the actual bat flip. It doesn’t appear to even make a single complete flip.

  4. I was worried the Red Sox douche level would be abnormally low this year after losing Papelbon, but they’ve really outdone themselves – Bobby Valentine makes up for the difference on his own, and Cody Ross just pushes things into uncharted douche territory. Gonna be super fun to watch them wind up in fourth place this year, AMIRITE???

  5. Well, if I only hit a homer in 2% of my plate appearances I would pimp every long ball I hit as well…

    That being said, my blasts brush the fence on the way over. I don’t know I have a dinger until I’m already racing around 1st, at which point I do the right fist in the air. That’s how I pimp it.

  6. Heh Blanton. Was AA in attendance?

  7. Ultimate Chooch Crotchgrab in the background.

  8. This is the bat flip by which all other bat flips should be judged.

  9. This I today he finally saw the! So happy!

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