How’s Raul Ibanez going to make the Yankees roster when Jason Heyward’s climbing walls and robbing his home runs? Ibanez is hitting somewhere between .050 and .100 this spring, and he’ll turn 40 in June, so the end could be near. Poor Raul Ibanez.

Jason Heyward, on the other hand, is looking good in the outfield today.

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  1. Very impressive coordination for a mamoth man, I must say. That is a lot harder than it looks…

  2. I heard somewhere that Jason Heyward is pretty good at bseball.

  3. that’s so awesome.

  4. #freejackcust

    Poor Ibanez.

  5. Best gif ever! Go Braves!

  6. Jason Heyward is all that is man

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