In a move that is equal parts “really cool idea” and “predictable corporate synergy”, Liverpool FC announced today they will play a summer exhibition game against AS Roma at Fenway Park on July 25th. The game is part of a celebration of cross-promotion and leveraging assets Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary.

As much as I want to cynically shove this aside, it sounds like a damn fine afternoon at the ballpark. The footballing giant of the 70s and 80s1 will use Boston as “Liverpool FC’s home base” throughout the Red’s North American tour, with pre-season training sessions at Harvard University.

The Red Sox are, of course, on the road the week of this friendly. After hosting the Blue Jays the afternoon of Sunday, July 22nd, the Fenway grounds crew has two days to prepare a top-class pitch for Luis Suarez and Francisco Totti to feign injury upon.

This event will be a no-doubt party for every single person who attends. Not unlike the recent NHL Winter Classic played on Frozen Fenway, the lubricated atmosphere will make up for the sheer distance from the action and overall crappy sightlines. Like a regular day at Fenway, really.

1Still very, very bitter over this.

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  1. Looking back at history of North American tours, there is not much chance that it will be Suarez and Totti feigning injury, it much more likely to be Liverpool’s and Roma’s Minor League Guys. At least the soccer guys are smart enough to put names on jerseys for all their players.

  2. still bitter over arguably the greatest FA Cup Final ever? C’mon Drew, appreciate the beauty of the game! That’s what Sharman would tell you anyways.


    Aside: it is a pain in the ass being a Jays AND LFC supporter in this day and age… I have to hope FSG is at least partially successful and well run

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