URL Weaver: The Game Two Edition

It was difficult to get out of bed yesterday morning. My bed was warm. The air outside of it was cold. There was no sunlight. It seemed unnatural. The only reward outside of being able to watch the first meaningful baseball game of the year was that I could drink orange juice from the carton without worrying that my girl friend would walk into the kitchen mid sip and call me disgusting.

Watching the game had its benefits. Brandon McCarthy is fun to see if only because we all know what approach he’s going to take. Spectators, coaches and opposition all know he’s going to throw sinkers and cutters low in the zone, and yet despite the lack of surprise, he’s able to go about his business and find success. Meanwhile, Felix Hernandez was Felix Hernandez. In something of a cruel descriptor of my personality, I enjoy it when batters are made to look foolish, and few pitchers are able to serve the type of humble pie that Felix slings.

So, yes. Watching baseball was good and fun and not bad, but not so good and fun and not bad as to even make me give a second thought to consider waking up an hour earlier the next day to see Bartolo Colon and Jason Vargas start game two of the opening mini series between the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners. Getting up early for McCarthy and Hernandez was one thing, but waking even earlier for Colon and Vargas was quite another.

Despite my lack of observation, the game did occur earlier this morning, with Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes providing heroics. His two run home run in the bottom of the seventh off Mariners reliever Shawn Kelley put the A’s for good as they went on to win 4 – 1. All of the runs scored in the game came off of home runs, with Justin Smoak going yard for Seattle and Cespedes, Josh Reddick and Jonny Gomes doing likewise for Oakland.

The two starters both did a fine job, with Colon going eight innings, striking out six and allowing only three hits before making way for the A’s closer Grant Balfour.  Meanwhile, Vargas pitched six and a third, allowing a single run from Kelley’s inherited runner that scored on the Cespedes dinger.

The two teams head back to the United States where they’ll each play a few more exhibition games before restarting their respective seasons.

Happy baseball.

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