Opening Day. A fresh start. A moment to look forward and celebrate that which could be, would be, should be . . . will be. And now, thanks to a special DJF/Getting Blanked collaboration, it’s a time for those living in Toronto to take the afternoon off work, and head on down to the heart of hipsterville to enjoy a very special live live stream ahead of the first game of the Blue Jays’ 2012 season.

The technical stuff needed to make it happen has been tested out, so we can now officially confirm that all systems are go for an extra-special DJF/Getting Blanked pre-game broadcast live from Opera Bob’s Public House at Dundas and Ossington, just before the Blue Jays’ Opening Day tilt against the Cleveland Indians next Thursday, April 5th.

So, come on down to finally confront Andrew Stoeten, ask Drew Fairservice for fantasy baseball advice and buy yours truly a drink, as we run a live stream on location from the bar starting at 2:30 PM ET, up until the 3:05 PM first pitch. Then, once the game starts, we’ll stick around to watch the game and enjoy all that Opera Bob’s has to offer in terms of libation.

Keep following the blog for more details, use the Facebook invite to tell us you’re coming, and most importantly, start making your excuses – illness, death in the family, serious baseball addiction – to come join us on Thursday afternoon for the first real game of the season. It can’t help but be a good time.

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  1. I don’t use Facebook. I have been looking for people to skip out on work with me, but I guess now I don’t have to. I will be there +1.

  2. Well, at least I can watch the pre-game broadcast from work. :(

  3. Booo! I have to be at work still…

  4. I’ll see if I’ve got any imaginary relatives I’ve yet to kill off

  5. Done and DONE. Been booked for weeks!

  6. I “live streamed” in a bar once. Haven’t been back since.

  7. I’ll do my best to make it down in my Robbie Alomar HOF jersey, it’d be nice to meet y’all. However, I am quite the workaholic (y’know, overworked/underpaid) so it may be a stretch…Thursday afternoon off would require Friday off too, it’s science.

  8. I’ll try to make it. Provided that Drew trade in his black cap for a shiny new blue one.

    Good Friday pffft…..GREAT Thursday.

  9. If my Prof giving me an exam on the final day of classes, on opening day wasn’t bad enough. I wasn’t already pissed off that I was going to be missing the first half of the game, now I’m gonna be missing out on this.

    Any doctors here that will write me a proper medical note so I can skip?

  10. Due to rising demand, we’re going to be charging patrons $2 to confront Stoeten. All proceeds go to Getting Blanked’s anti-dehydration fund.

  11. Is that 3:05 Est? I’m in CA so will need to take an extra long lunch break and go find an “establishment” willing to show the game…….hmmmmm. Enjoy your really extra long weekend.

  12. Still no fresh posts today… You guys getting an early start to next Thursday’s festivities?

  13. Why has no one asked who the Jays fan in blue is, and whether she’ll be there on Thursday?

  14. Wow, Tabler and Martinez have never looked so good!

  15. I’m going to roll in after a red-eye from Fort Mcmurray and :

    1. Give Stoeten a hard time for his lousy parting shots

    2. Call Drew a Lawrie-hater and take a swi(n)g

    3. Fall asleep listening to Parkes ramble on about Sabermetrics conferences

    4. Indulge in the collective “the Jays will surprise us this year” circle jerk / flip over a cop car and set it on fire after the Jays win in extras

    Looking forward to it fellas… FB is blocked at work, will be there!

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