It might be hard to imagine or remember, given the current media landscape in this country, but the final home game in the storied existence of the Montreal Expos aired right here on theScore! The halcyon days of 2004, when Sam Cosentino got to cover baseball and MLB suits were detestable practioners of corporate doublespeak. I guess not too much changed.

This video and many like it are now making their way onto theScore’s facebook timeline. Good ahead, give’r a look.

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  1. The Score probably gave better coverage of the Expos that year than the media in all of Montréal.

    Well, I’m going to be drinking tonight.

  2. By the way, that should read the final Expos game… in Montréal. They finished where they started, in Shea.

  3. My Dad still cheers on the Nationals and still calls them the Expos. ;)
    I miss them… the only professional baseball game I ever saw was @ the big ‘O’ and it was Mark Langston starting for the Expos and Pete Rose was coaching the Reds at the time. Was in the late 80′s some time if I remember correctly.

  4. What a pitiful piece of “journalism.” Spellcheck, boys. Use it.

  5. the Coz aka BRUNO!!!

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