ESPN’s Buster Olney reported earlier today that Getting Blanked’s patron managerial devil Tony La Russa is set to join Major League Baseball as a special adviser. The sweetheart deal for the former White Sox, Athletics and Cardinals skipper who retired shortly after winning his third Wolrd Series, will pay him approximately $2.5MM annually to answer phone calls from Bud Selig at all hours of the day.

Imagined 4:00 AM phone call from Selig:

Tony, it’s Bud here. How do you feel about pineapple on a pizza?

Selig, at their next meeting:

Tony, I gotta say that pineapple did not deliver on that pizza.

La Russa:

Pineapple? I thought you said pepperoni.

Yep, five month old jokes, everybody. No, you’re lame.

In all seriousness, it’s expected that Joe Torre’s role with MLB will be slightly different following his return to the fold after his failed pursuit of Dodgers ownership. La Russa could end up being MLB’s disciplinarian.