30 weekdays, 46,553 words, 94 single-spaced Microsoft Word pages and a whole lot of charts later, the 2012 Getting Blanked MLB Previews are complete. For anyone who might be planning a similar exercise for next season, let me just tell you, don’t. I did, however, very much enjoy writing them and I hope you enjoyed reading them as well.

The prediction portion of the previews was somewhat of an exercise in futility given that each team’s roster will be completely different by the end of the year and it’s tough to account for injuries and plain-old variations in performance. Still, they’re fun to do and make for great fodder in October when I’m off by ten or more wins for each and every team.

Anyway, after the jump, you’ll find a handy recap of all the NL previews from the past three weeks.

NL East W-L GB
Atlanta Braves 95-67
Philadelphia Phillies* 94-68 1
Washington Nationals 86-76 9
Miami Marlins 84-78 11
New York Mets 68-94 27


NL Central W-L GB
Cincinnati Reds 91-71
Milwaukee Brewers** 90-72 1
St. Louis Cardinals 84-78 7
Pittsburgh Pirates 69-93 22
Chicago Cubs 66-96 25
Houston Astros 61-101 30


NL West W-L GB
San Francisco Giants 88-74
Los Angeles Dodgers 81-81 7
Arizona Diamondbacks 79-83 9
San Diego Padres 76-86 12
Colorado Rockies 69-93 19

If you remember back to the American League recap, I attempted to “predict” how the playoffs would shake out and went over some of my picks for the major awards. It should, therefore, not surprise you to see the same thing here for the NL.

As I mentioned in that AL recap, predicting playoffs is even more the fool’s game than attempting to predict the results of the regular season. Not only will the rosters be drastically different at the end of the summer, but once a team gets into the playoffs, literally anything can happen. The Houston Astros will beat the New York Yankees in a short series almost half the time and obviously, the team’s making it to the playoffs are a heck of a lot better than the AstrLOLs. Having said that, here are my “predictions” for the 2012 playoffs in the NL.

My imaginary 2012 regular season would result in the Braves, Reds and Giants automatically getting to the NLDS with the Phillies and Brewers facing off in a one-game playoff. In that one-game scenario, I would pick the Brewers to win. Yes, the Phillies will probably throw out a superior pitcher, but my theory is, by the time October rolls around, the Phillies will have a starting infield of Jim Thome, Pete Orr, Freddy Galvis and Ty Wigginton with at least one outfield spot being dedicated to Juan Pierre. So, Brewers.

That would set up a Milwaukee-Atlanta NLDS with the Reds and Giants doing battle in the other series. In this highly hypothetical situation, I would have the Braves and Reds moving on to the NLCS based on next-to-zero thought. Then I would have the Braves beat the Reds to win the NL pennant.

If you remember back to my AL recap, I picked the Red Sox to win the AL which means my 2012 World Series prediction is the Braves and the Red Sox; KFC Bowl 2012. Picking these two, if nothing else, is my way of saying we’ve put too much stock in the finishes of these two teams and a lot of us are forgetting just how good both were during most of the regular season. Both had unfathomable finishes to the year, but managed to win nearly 90 games anyway. Yes, they both have their flaws, but both teams have a lot to like. In such a World Series, I would pick the Braves to win because who really wants to watch Kevin Youkilis celebrate another World Series?

The awards? How about three picks for each in no particular order:

MVP RF Jason Heyward, Atlanta Braves
1B Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds
RF Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins


CY RHP Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies
RHP Zack Greinke, Milwaukee Brewers
LHP Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco Giants


ROTY RHP Julio Teheran, Atlanta Braves
SS Zack Cozart, Cincinnati Reds
CF Brett Jackson, Chicago Cubs

So there you have it, my super-serious NL playoff and award picks for 2012. Feel free to vehemently disagree and leave your own picks in the comments. Divergence, after all, is the spice of life or something.