Seattle’s Jesus Montero left a Monday spring training game in the sixth inning after getting drilled in the helmet by Colorado’s Edgmer Escalona. Montero was removed from the game, but not before Mariners manager Eric Wedge and a team trainer had to briefly restrain him following the incident. Montero settled down quickly, explaining his aberrant response to reporters as “normal” for someone getting hit in the head.

Larry Stone of the Seattle Times spoke with Montero after the game and the 22-year old reported no ill-effects, saying “My head’s OK, everything’s good.”

The money quote here, though, has to be from Eric Wedge getting specific on the location of the beaning:

“It got him on the fat part of the helmet, so that’s the good thing.”

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  1. i don’t want to make light of such a scary accident (i hope montero has no lingering concussion symptoms or the like) … but i wonder if jim tracy has lost all respect for escalona?

  2. This is why they should all wear those concussion helmets.

    Almost became a lose-lose trade for the Yanks and Mariners

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