This is just a quick reminder that the Washington Nationals, a very sexy pick to compete/overtake the Phillies in the National League East, are one Roger Bernadina injury away from starting an outfield with Mark DeRosa in left, Jayson Werth in center, and Xavier Nady in right.

Two players with fewer than 750 plate appearances since the start of the 2010 season between them. And when they played, neither mustered a wOBA higher than .290. Two guys playing between an outfielder with all of 300 innings in center over the last two years.

Just wanted to make sure this gets out there. That Roger Bernadina is the man holding this whole thing together. He’s back in the lineup for today’s Grapefruit league finale, thankfully. But the Nats are one heartbeat away from DeRosa/Werth/Nady. Just want to make sure we’re clear.