If you ever wonder what facebook does with all the information they glean from your profile, it appears that, if you are Dustin Parkes, they sell it to Mitchell & Ness who then create products uncannily perfect for your needs.

There are all kinds of other goofy sweaters to wear, if you’re a fan of the Dodgers, Phillies, and Red Sox (of course.) Check them out if you have a one hundred dollar bill you aren’t too attached to. Just think, these things are heinous but they aren’t half as bad as the stuff pushed on female fans in MLB.com shops.

Hat tip to GB friend Patrick Sullivan.

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  1. I’d get those if they were sweatervests.

  2. i really dig those. If they had a BJ one I’d consider it. But, yes, a tad expensive..

  3. Speaking of crimes against females: the MLB-licensed Victoria’s Secret Pink line. (May not wanna click at work, but it’s their Pink clothing line, not the regular Victoria’s Secret sleazy stuff)

    Every team has apparel with the generic slogans “Take me home!” and “I’m a great catch!”
    HAH! Get it? Because, see, as a girl, you’re only allowed to wear baseball-related apparel if you’re only doing it to have sex, with men, as is your duty, as a girl.

  4. One of the many things I love about my girlfriend is that not only does she hate all that pink garbage that MLB tries to sell to her, but she openly mocks other girls for wearing it at games.

    I did just send her the link to the VS stuff tho… cuz I’m a bit of a pig.

  5. Pink stinks……………………………………

  6. Ahahahaha, I totally pictured Dustin as the cardigan wearing type of hipster. Just get him some Buddy Holly style glasses and we’re set.

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