On Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012, the Baltimore OriLOLes lost an exhibition game to State College of Florida, a former community college in Sarasota, by the score of 2-1.

Upon hearing such news, your first reaction might be to ask what players from the Baltimore Orioles’ active roster participated in this game.

To which, I would respond: “A good many.”

You might then ask, “Well, who pitched for the Orioles.”

And I would respond, “A member of the starting rotation, and two of the team’s expected seven Opening Day relievers.”

You might then ask if professional teams, when playing collegiate teams, don’t provide the pitching for their opposition.

I’d tell you to stop making excuses.

You’d then probably suggest that the game was little more than a controlled scrimmage, and really shouldn’t be looked at for the result alone.

I’d call you a horrible name, like “Orioles lover!” Then, I’d probably recommend you stop taking things so seriously, and just enjoy the fact that you can now say that the Baltimore Orioles lost to a junior college team in a game of baseball.