If you are reading this right now, you aren’t in the bar with us. Which is a shame, because bars are great places to be. Especially if you’re going to talk about baseball and drink delicious beer. The baseball part is great but, let’s be honest, beer.

Click the link below to join the stream live at 2:30pm. Send your questions towards @GettingBlanked on twitter and maybe we can fit them into the pre-game show!

Join the live stream at 2:30pm! There will be booze!

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  1. Mmmm beer and cracker jacks!

  2. Crap! My work computer doesn’t have Flash. I’m missing out on all the fun.

  3. Here in a UB grad student office we dusted off the map table (read: pin-pong table) and put MLBTV on with the aid of a projector. And of course, Budweiser baseball cans, peanutes, Genesee Creamers and some Hoffmann Red Hots

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