The Power of Baseball

Such is the power of baseball that, even with three buxom young dance professionals cavorting about in bikinis mere inches from their faces, only one head out of more than twenty in the immediate vicinity bothers to turn for a look.

Baseball, man. Opening Day, you know? It is a force of nature. We are all irresitible to its charms.

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  1. So true.

    I used to go to the Zanzibar on Wednesday nights to watch the game and have a few.
    Before the game started I’d watch the peelers then when the game came on,I’d watch the game.I noticed that when i was watchin the game they’d do everything, at the end of the stage,to get my attention and get me to stop watchin the Jays.As soon as a commercial came on, I’d watch them and they’d figure “job accomplished” and go to the other end of the stage.Game comes back on,they’d get pissed and try to get me to stop following the game.Drove them crazy. Nothing they did could draw my attention away.Laughed my ass off.
    Ah, the power of baseball.

  2. I thought I was going to be reading an essay, and, considering your prose, Drew, I was looking forward to it. But this post pleased me just the same. Well done. All the best to you and the Getting Blanked crew for the coming season.

  3. What you can’t see is that Kate Upton is on the field singing the national anthem.

  4. I like this piece very much. Good job Mr. Fairservice.

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