Down 4-2 with one out in the ninth inning on Opening Day, Edwin Encarnacion tied the game for the Toronto Blue Jays with a one out double. While this reaction, from a bunch of baseball fans in Toronto, watching the game on television in a bar 500 kilometres away, veers dangerously close to beer commercial territory, it also says a lot about the way in which baseball is observed.

For its fans, the game’s seemingly relaxed proceedings are merely a front for the build up of tension, which when released, is every bit as raucous as anything of which human beings are capable. This is very much the visual exhibition of the power baseball holds. Disbelief transforms to quiet hope, which turns into sudden realization and immediate celebration.

Baseball, it’s nice to have you back.

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  1. …And people say baseball is boring and only old people watch it, what morons.

  2. Every replay of that hit makes me think “How was the fuck was that not a home run?”.


  4. what a fantastic day at a wicked venue…..lets do it again.

    • Agreed. The best part was the people to be honest. It was neat to learn about how everyone got into the team and baseball in general and talk baseball with other knowledgeable fans. The article is dead on in describing it as a “playoff” atmosphere.

  5. whats with the d bag in the tigers jersey? other than that, love the passion

    • We should thank the guy with the Tigers jersey. His team just pasted the Red Sox in a weekend sweep highlighted by a total clusterfuck job by the bullpen.

      The Jays bats need to get heated up. Let’s welcome the Red Sox to Toronto by bloating some ERA and causing severe hemorrage to their collective psyche.

      • I like the Tigers. Yesterday’s comeback against the Red Sox after being down 10-7 & 12-10 in extra innings was amazing. It put a dagger through Red Sox nation.

    • Talked to him that day, he’s a Jays fan but also a big Magglio Ordonez fan. From the same town in Venezuela.

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