There’s some a lot of NSFW language being used in the video above, but it’s a pretty good indicator of the overreaction that three games can cause in a … ahem … passionate fan base. Of course, we wouldn’t be so eager to paint all of Red Sox Nation with the same brush, so for a less obscenity laden take on Boston’s struggles, I encourage you to visit our friends over at Over The Monster.

Although, to be fair you’re unlikely to read anything as poetic as:

I hope they lose … because I’m a common fan. But they won’t hire me. The Red Sox won’t hire me to do this type of stuff. They won’t listen to their manager that they hired. Who the hell are they listening to? Are they listening to thoughts in their brain that they don’t even know what they are. Because here’s my thought: pay Papelbon the [Getting Blanked] money!

Unsurprisingly, the rant then devolves into imagining what Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic would do at Fenway Park on a visit or something along those lines.

Enraged hat tip to Hot Takes for the obscenity laden video.