Jason Bourgeois led off the first inning with a double for the Kansas City Royals in last night’s game versus the Oakland Athletics. The speedy outfielder figured a fly ball to right field by Lorenzo Cain during the next at-bat was deep enough for him to advance to third, but Josh Reddick wasn’t having it.

Right on the money to Josh Donaldson to complete the double play.

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  1. Scott: Don’t know what this means, but check out @blawrie13′s profile pic – its the Edwin high five , lol maybe he saw your handywork.

  2. How about the backhand short hop and tag? That was more impressive than the throw

  3. Jaysus. Unreal.

  4. Whoa. That’s an incredible throw. Amazing.

  5. WHAT. This is insane.

  6. Holy sweet fuck!

  7. Nothing beats Ichiro’s throw to get Terrance Long in 2001. Sorry Reddick

  8. Reddick’s throw pales in comparison to the Ichiro, Guillen, and both of these piss rods via Ankiel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cOj614ohFU

    • Not as good as Ichiro and Guillen’s. Ankiel’s throws all go high as shit, and he’s a former pitcher. Not nearly as impressive

  9. In additon, it was a horrible slide. He never reached for the bag and pulled his arm in when he saw the tag.

    Regardles, that was a MIGHTY impressive throw on a rope. And since the third basemane did not even have to move his glove, it made it even better.

  10. Is Aaron Sele the pitcher in both Guillen and Ichiro’s plays? Both are ridiculous but I think Guillen’s throw is better – I just dont think anyone can believe it happened. It was from the fence in right field…crazy. And I loved Ichiro’s heater but Guillen’s is insane.

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