It’s back! It is the official 2012 début of the Getting Blanked Show! Parkes, Stoeten, and I discuss the Kinsler extension, the Carlos Santana extension and the reports of Tim Lincecum’s untimely demise. Well, to be fair, the reports of his demise are created mostly by the three dummies around the table.

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  1. Who’s the manager letting lefty Stoeten pitch against a righty late in the game? Fail fail

  2. “We love feedback and want to know how/what we can do better. ”


    • For what it’s worth.

      Good job guys.
      Better direction.Good camera work.Liked the set.Sound was good,I could hear Stoeten better.
      The subjects discussed moved from one to another better.
      There wasn’t as much talking over each other.
      Parkes explained things well without coming across “douchey” or “preachy”
      Stoeten spoke well without getting into a circular discussion with himself.

      Well done,very watchable.

  3. Did Drew’s hair migrate to Stoeten’s face? Heyo!

    Great stuff as usual guys. Baseball is a tricky league to keep up with with so many damn games, always love some more specific insight.

    Is there going to be any more Jays specific things? Maybe in a podcast style stuff? Those were always great, and much needed in the land of psycho Jays fans. Cheers!

  4. No parting shots? I’M BOYCOTTING

  5. Good podcast – only one thing bothered me. The centre camera ‘downtable’ shot looks like a surveillance camera image. It might need to be higher, or perhaps off centre to Stoetens side to give a Parkes/Drew angle like the other camera. I’m no expert but it kept annoying me when it would switch. Maybe it’s the shape of the table….maybe I’m on crack.

  6. Seems a lot more streamlined than last year…Are you guys going live-to-air at some point?

  7. Gotta go easy on the vocal fry.

    • Gotta admit,I had to look up “vocal fry”.How do people know about this stuff?
      It may be a legitimate concern but I’m happy with the progress they’ve made so far.

  8. Love the content (as always). Any chance it will be upped to HD in the future though? It looks blurry on my TV and makes me a sad panda.

  9. Hey guys, great work.
    One suggestion I would have is to make the “Pepper” segment more rapid-fire. It seems like it was designed to be similar to the other “rapid-fire” segments that occur on other radio or television programs, but instead you guys spent a lot of time on each topic. Maybe try have more questions for the “Pepper” segment and answer them quicker.
    I also noticed that you didn’t really have a designated time to just converse about miscellaneous topics. Rather, you did so during the “Pepper” segment. Perhaps sticking to my suggestion about the “Pepper” segment, and then having a separate slot for having a more organic conversation, similar to the one you guys had during the “Pepper” segment, would really bring out the best in both of the allotted slots.
    Also, I think people would definitely enjoy if you spoke more about the Jays. The mainstream talk shows, radio programs, and pre-game shows really are not up to snuff. I felt like I was losing a lot of brain cells watching the pre-game show for the home opener yesterday. You guys always have something intelligent to say about the Blue Jays in your articles, so talking about it on the show would really be quite enjoyable, at least for myself.
    Otherwise, as I said, great work. Enjoyed the show thoroughly. It is definitely now replacing any sort of pre-game show Sportsnet has to offer for me.

  10. Great show, but the music is shitty. Can’t you just use the Constantines song?

  11. This was a huge step up, well done. Possibly too professional for you guys…

    Agree with the earlier comment. Parkes looked like he was having fun for once and didn’t come across whiny/douchey.

    Music was a downgrade over the usual stuff.

  12. How long is Drew going to pimp “Reverse” Cowgill?

  13. It was decent. I don’t generally watch anything like this, so I’m not you’re market, but I think you guys just need time to get more comfortable on camera.

  14. It was terrific but in the future it would be awesome if, every now and again, you guys could say something ironic.

  15. Carlos Santaner? Have you been watching the NESN feed for the Jays/Sawx series?

  16. What is up with the lame coffee mug for Stoeten? He needs a bottle of Gatorade with some «lime juice».

    Nothing wrong with expanding the baseball coverage to discuss non-Jays related items. The Pepper segment should be a more rapid-fire format. And I wouldn’t mind seeing another segment where you can cover teams by division or in alphabetical order. Skipping from one team to the other in the same discussion can be irritating.

    If the whole video podcast gig doesn’t work out, can you guys keep the table? Would make an awesome poker table.

  17. tonight timmy will throw a 3 hit, one run game and get the w of course…expect good results on the mound this outting….

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