Here it is, folks! As we teased in today’s episode of the Getting Blanked Show, this is the full transcript of our sitdown with Jose Bautista.

As one might expect, the conversation got baseball nerdy fast. Jose provides some great insight into his pre[-game preparation and the tools at his disposal.

Thanks to Janine at Sony for setting this up and, um, Jose Bautista for not laughing in my face.

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Comments (23)

  1. Good interview man.

  2. Welp, that’s something! Nicely done.

  3. Haha. “That’s exactly what I was talking about when I answered the previous question…” Great interview. How nervous were you?

  4. Good watch/listen.
    I like the Drew head nod to the camera when Bautista mentions Vernon Wells.

  5. Enjoyed this interview, thanks.

  6. Sweet. Interviewing the King himself.

  7. I always suspected Vernon Wells created Bautista.

  8. Can we get an audio only RSS feed? If I download video files every day on my Blackberry I’ll be paying big bucks to the cell phone company.

    • …Which will, in turn, pad Rogers’ bottom line. Brilliant scheme! I guess this is what they mean when they say it’s hard to quantify the Jays effect on Rogers’ books.

  9. Real nice interview Drew.
    Good questions & informative answers from J. Bats.

  10. Loved the interview. How nervous were you to interview Joey Bats himself?

  11. The interviewer is so awkward..

    • Maybe if he swung his hands around some more it would look less awkward.

      (Hope you don’t take offense, Drew! I often gesticulate like that too. Just poking fun a little!)

    • You could tell Drew was a bit nervous, however I have no doubt he will get better with experience and eventually become a pro at this. It was pretty good considering the few, if any?, number of interviews he’s done like this in the past.

  12. Certainly more interesting than most interviews with ball players. Great job, Drew.

  13. Great stuff, Drew.

  14. This is why bloggers should have access to media passes. Way more imformative then anything Griffen or other writers ask.

  15. Was this recent? Or way back when they just released the Show?

    Great interview Drew! Jelly to the max

  16. I think Jose would rather bat clean-up.

    Lawrie 3rd
    Bautista 4th

    pretty decent Heart of the order to me.

  17. hey drew, why didn’t you ask jose why he was so unlucky in babip in 2010? I would love to see how you get that big score microphone out of your throat.

  18. Great interview.

    What are the songs in the intro and outro?

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