You will be forgiven if you need to look away from this GIF of Denard Span spiking Scott Downs, it’s an MPAA review away from a Faces of Death classification.

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  1. Ouch…in Span’s defense I don’t think he did it on purpose. Let’s hope Downsy is alright.

  2. I now realize why in T-Ball we had those double wide first base bags. Ow.

  3. that’s why you run at the right side of the bag…

    scioscia should just jim tracy this situation (ie. cry like a baby for a suspension to span)…or maybe you just send walden or jepsen out there to drill mauer in the ribs.


    In all seriousness, that was nasty.

  5. That was Downs’ fault. His foot was in the middle of the bag.

    • +1

      Isn’t this why they do pitcher infield practice ad nauseum in Spring Training? I didn’t see the full play, but if you put your foot on 1B like that, you’re asking to be stepped on.

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