Last week, super agent Scott Boras made the seemingly hopeful proclamation that his veteran left fielding/designated hitting free agent client Johnny Damon would be gainfully employed once again by the beginning of May. Given that the player’s usefulness on a Major League roster seemed more on the designated hitter side of his two possible positions, combined with the fact that he was coming off his worst season at the plate since 2001, the statement from Boras came across as especially ambitious.

Nonetheless, late last night, reports and text messages began surfacing that suggested Damon was on his way to Cleveland to play left field for the Indians. While no dollar figures have been announced, it’s expected that the agreement will be a one year deal that will include a special opt out clause, for when Grady Sizemore returns from back surgery in eight to twelve weeks.

With Travis Hafner firmly entrenched as the team’s designated hitter, Damon will most likely play left field for the Tribe, something he hasn’t done a lot of in the last couple of seasons, accumulating just over 300 innings out there since 2010.

While the Indians have gotten off to a disappointing start, Shelley Duncan, the team’s right handed hitting batter whom Damon is expected to replace, has actually played quite well. Duncan’s splits reveal that he’s an above average batter against left handed pitching, while Damon is pretty close to even against both southpaws and right handers.

If Cleveland had any reasonable platoon candidate to team with Duncan, signing Damon would be unnecessary. With all apologies to the Aaron Cunningham, they don’t, so assuming that once the deal is finalized, it’s for a reasonable amount of money, the Indians have probably made a smart move here considering the alternative of giving up assets or picking up too much salary to acquire Bobby Abreu from the Los Angeles Angels.

And The Rest

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