We All Cheer Differently

Deep down, I’m aware that wearing a jersey to a sporting event makes little sense. After all, we don’t dress up in operating room scrubs before going to visit a doctor and assuming we’ve had sexual intercourse before, we don’t dress up like the characters in a movie we’re about to go to the cinema to see.

Nonetheless, I wear a team jersey to baseball games. I do it partly because I can acknowledge that the pleasure I derive from baseball is largely visceral and wearing similar clothing enhances the sense of unity and belonging I feel with other fans and maybe it helps me to suspend reason long enough to make me feel as though I have something to do with the results on the field.

Another way of looking at it is that you’re already so far down the rabbit hole by spending any attention at all on other people playing a game that is ultimately meaningless, are you really willing to nitpick over your attire while engaging in such unreasonable behaviour?

It’s this question that stops me from criticizing whatever is happening in the photograph above. That, and the fact that if I was asked to explain what’s happening in that picture with words, I highly doubt I’d be able to do so.

A gallon of farmer tan paint to @ILBlueJay for sharing.

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  1. Midwest AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!

  2. Visiting that website on his chest is even more disturbing.

  3. Wait, what!? Have you ever been to a Star Wars, LOTR or Harry Potter opening night?

  4. The ability to feel kinship, to feel a sense of belonging to a tribe or clan is to be applauded. However, that doesn’t excuse your Giants’ jersey. (And yes, the Pirates just smote them down in biblical fashion.)

  5. Can someone please verify if I’m seeing nipple rings on the painted man in the middle?

    • I hate you for making me look at that picture more carefully and with greater scrutiny. But yes, I believe you are correct.

      • I don’t know why I’m extending this topic of conversation… but i think that’s just body hair with a bit of excess paint on it.

        … i just threw up a little

    • I don’t know what it says about me or the photograph, but that was one of the first things I noticed.

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