Favourite Patriots’ Day Moment

As I alluded to in our earlier post about Bobby Valentine’s comments on the emotional commitment of Kevin Youkilis, today is Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts. While the official purpose of the one day holiday is to commemorate the anniversary of the first battles of the American Revolutionary War, the unofficial means of celebration include watching an early baseball game and consuming more alcohol than Orson Welles.

Also, they run the Boston Marathon today.

But more important is the baseball and drinking. As you might assume, it’s this combination that has led to some rather hilarious happenings at the traditional 11:05 AM start at Fenway Park, but none more so than this:

I mean, sure, a collision involving an outfielder and drunk fans with beer is always a sight to behold, but adding to this occurrence is not only a completely inexplicable flying slice of pizza pie, but the Boston broadcast booth’s uncontrollable laughter at the sight.

Anyway, have fun today Boston, but don’t drive. Leave that to Phillies fans: