Monday! Time to celebrate a full weekend of baseball greatness with a busy edition of the Getting Blanked Show. We tackle Jackie Robinson Day, the Bobby Valentining of Kevin Youkilis and the Dodgers goofy triple play fiasco.

In our feature, we take a long look at losing your closer in the first edition of The Narrative Versus the Numbers. Spoiler: the Giants will be fine (if they play Brandon Belt. The bullpen is the least of their worries).

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Comments (8)

  1. What happened to my eyes!?!?!

  2. “Gift baskets full of… used spittle and chaw plugs and stuff”

    In other news, gold was struck beneath the Score offices in downtown Toronto today…

  3. Dear Drew, Dustin and Andrew,
    I am pretty sure when I speak for everyone when I say take a page out of Goldstein and Parks’ book and make your shows 2 hours (every day).

    The Management

  4. Drew Fairservice, the Wheelman of the Getting Blanked show.

  5. Isn’t this show #5? Four last week and one today?

  6. it’s a voluble situation.

  7. What is the name of the goddamn song at the beginning of this goddamn show and what is the name of the goddamn artist who sings it? My not knowing this is causing me goddamn mental duress. For the love of goddamn god, please help.

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