He can’t stand up. Clippard took the mound in the 11th inning versus the Cincinnati Reds on Sunday, and his first pitch to Drew Stubbs failed to leave his hand as the lanky right hander tumbled to the ground.

Fun and falls aside, the Nationals reliever is dealing with some shoulder discomfort. Oh, and he’s half-jokingly guaranteeing the Nationals will make the playoffs.

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  2. Does that count as a balk? I’ve seen a couple like this that have, anyone know the ruling?

  3. Was it his ankle that folded outwards or did his knee give out? Pinched meniscus nerve or whatever it’s called?

    • Actually it looks like his lead foot landed/scraped the ground and threw his balance right off as he tried to find his footing, a slide step gone wrong perhaps? Did not pick his foot up enough. Still hilarious!

  4. If it’s anything like when it happens to me, I sometimes hyperextend my knee and my whole leg gives out when this happens, as if my leg is anticipating damage to my knee and just buckles underneath me. Literally happens just walking or standing sometimes.

    • Yeah go see a physiotherapist, it’s exactly what you are thinking but eventually the nerve will deaden and won’t be able to buckle your leg anymore, you will destroy your meniscus.

  5. This is great, but how has nobody GIF’d the balk on Buchholz from his last game?

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