Stephen Strasburg walked J.D. Martinez to load the bases with no outs in the top of the sixth inning while the Washington Nationals held a 2-0 lead. Carlos Lee came to the dish, a mere deep fly ball away from putting the Astros on the board. Lee skied the ball into center field, but he hit it to Rick Ankiel. Jordan Schafer, who possesses good speed on the bases, thought about tagging from third, but acknowledged the legend of Ankiel’s laser cannon and held up.

Me thinks Ankiel could still pitch if they let him wind up from shallow center field.

Travis Buck struck out swinging in the next at bat, before the Astros tied the game on a single to right from Chris Johnson. The Nationals used a four-run bottom of the sixth to recapture the lead, and to set up Strasburg the W.

Ankiel’s throw didn’t have the same kind of impact on the game as say Josh Reddick’s rope from right last week, but its accuracy certainly warrants a good look. You know who was most impressed with Ankiel’s strike from center? These StrasBros:

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  1. It’s a shame he’s not still pitching.

    • he’s not still pitching because he was never that close to the strike zone from the mound

      • The guy struck out 158 hitters in 87 innings while walking only 18 guys in 2001, The shame is that he couldn’t throw strikes because of a mental block at the major league level after his disastrous post season experience.

        Also of note:
        - he had a 3 WAR season in his rookie year as a pitcher
        - he had 222 k’s vs. 50 bb’s in 1998
        - he had 194 k’s in 137 innings in 1999

  2. Holy shit… that is one insane throw. It looks like Schafer didn’t even move off the bag!

  3. Duh, strike one?

  4. Would’ve been a tad high if they were trying to get a sliding runner

  5. That’s just crazy.

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