With the full understanding that it’s the sole duty of a trailer to make something look better than it actually is, I must say that this little piece that the makers of The Franchise have put together is sort of incredibly rad.

Just like last year, Showtime is providing a sneak peak episode of The Franchise before commencing with its regular run. This year’s series follows the Miami Marlins in their new ballpark, under a new manager and owned by the same old douche bag. The preview episode will air this Saturday at 9:00 PM on Showtime, with the premier set for July 11.

Update (Drew): we created a gif of the best part of this slice of TV gold. (below the jump)

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  1. God, i’d love to slap that smug look off Loria’s face. What a fucking jackass.

  2. Holy shit that looks good!

  3. I love how Ozzie says he will hate some of them.

  4. I have no desire at all, to give this even the slightest time of day with Jeffery Loria involved. He simply does not deserve our attention.

  5. Looks solid. Loria talking is cringe inducing.

    And I woulda thought the ‘best’ .gif would be the slow motion dual belly flop.

  6. Men should never compare anything to giving birth. it’s just a biological fact that they have no idea what they are talking about.

  7. I hear that from my wife all the time. LOL! and yeah its true you cant compare anything to a live birth.

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