Pittsburgh Pirates starter Jeff Karstens looked uncomfortable on the mound last night.

After pitching one inning and allowing two runs on three hits, Karstens took himself out of the game due to discomfort in his right shoulder. Today, he was placed on the Disabled List with inflammation in said shoulder. He also missed a couple of starts at the end of last season for the same reason.

However, if we were to only go by his mid-delivery facial expressions, we might expect Karstens to have missed far more time than his four previous trips to the DL have caused.

Now, I realize that all pitchers look strange when they’re in the middle of their delivery. Throwing a pitch, even at Karstens’ pedestrian velocity of 89 miles per hour, isn’t exactly the most natural of movements, and it causes faces to bend, tilt, shift and become disfigured in a way that has more in common with what we might expect to see from a movie monster than the appearance of a refined professional athlete.

Nonetheless, Karstens takes this phenomenon to such an amazing height, that it would be criminal not to recognize his many uncomfortable faces:

The Hey Yer Prrretttty, Do You Cooommme Hhherrrre Offfffen:

The Should’ve Taken Low Dosage Aspirin:

The Me And My Buddy Were Out Ice Fishing When The Truck Went Through The Ice, Bud:

Ah, our fine friends at Productive Outs have done an even better job at documenting Jeff Karstens throw face. Check them out for an even larger degree of discomfort.