From Chris Young’s injury to Jamie Moyer’s tired oldness, the Getting Blanked show breaks down the latest and greatest from the world of baseball. Lots of talk of the Texas Rangers, who dominated the Red Sox and, maybe just maybe, feature the best rotation in the American League.

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Comments (10)

  1. During the Jamie Moyer segment, Parkes mentions how the Rockies turned 4 double plays during yesterdays game that Moyer won which has happened in less than 0.05%
    of all basebal games ever played.

    Last night the Toronto Blue Jays turned 4 double plays against the Rays.

    Thought that was a bit funny. (or not)


    • haah sorry. It was easily the best argument in favor of the signing I’ve read. Especially since it said more than “why not?”, “who cares?”, or “It’s not your money!”

  3. Another solid show guys! Really enjoyed it. A smiling, happy, joking Dustin Parkes!

  4. Faces made for radio. Voices made for internet blogs…. Still a good show though. Good job.

  5. dustin parkes looks kinda like adam lind on this video

  6. +1 gordon lightfoot reference.

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