Aaron Cibia Lashes Out

Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia is off to a very slow start. He has two hits in thirty-five plate appearances, one of those hits being a home run on Opening Day. He has one walk and thirteen strikeouts to his name in 2012. It isn’t good.

Understandably, the affable and always-available twitter rockstar isn’t taking his struggles well. After making a comment about “the geeks” who doubt him, yesterday he volleyed a personal insult at a media member on twitter. It is not a good look for JPA and fallout is expected.

Aaron Cibia responded to a crack Mirlis made about JPA’s fantasy baseball ranking behind a couple guys yet to play in 2012. Why Mirlis chose to @-reply the Jays enthusiastic tweeter is his own prerogative but it certainly got Arencibia’s attention.

The Blue Jays will probably make their struggling catcher apologize for insulting the hefty media member, which is warranted. The opportunistic radio show host from a distant end of the AM dial in New York did not hesitate in trying to capitalize on his brief infamy, inviting all the Arencibia fans (who attacked him on Twitter) to call into his show with their barbs and insults.

Fat jokes are not in play for professional athletes, whether Arencibia likes it or not. While the media guy “taking a shot” at the Jays catcher is fair or not, it probably serves any athlete on twitter to do their best to rise above such pettiness. Easier said than done, of course.

Arencibia is a very popular player for his good looks, personality and tater-smacking skills. Sometimes that personality will get him in trouble. It is one thing to crack wise on the local zoo crew morning radio shlockfest of morons, but taking it beyond the safe haven of a friendly audience will only end poorly.