Aaron Cibia Lashes Out

Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia is off to a very slow start. He has two hits in thirty-five plate appearances, one of those hits being a home run on Opening Day. He has one walk and thirteen strikeouts to his name in 2012. It isn’t good.

Understandably, the affable and always-available twitter rockstar isn’t taking his struggles well. After making a comment about “the geeks” who doubt him, yesterday he volleyed a personal insult at a media member on twitter. It is not a good look for JPA and fallout is expected.

Aaron Cibia responded to a crack Mirlis made about JPA’s fantasy baseball ranking behind a couple guys yet to play in 2012. Why Mirlis chose to @-reply the Jays enthusiastic tweeter is his own prerogative but it certainly got Arencibia’s attention.

The Blue Jays will probably make their struggling catcher apologize for insulting the hefty media member, which is warranted. The opportunistic radio show host from a distant end of the AM dial in New York did not hesitate in trying to capitalize on his brief infamy, inviting all the Arencibia fans (who attacked him on Twitter) to call into his show with their barbs and insults.

Fat jokes are not in play for professional athletes, whether Arencibia likes it or not. While the media guy “taking a shot” at the Jays catcher is fair or not, it probably serves any athlete on twitter to do their best to rise above such pettiness. Easier said than done, of course.

Arencibia is a very popular player for his good looks, personality and tater-smacking skills. Sometimes that personality will get him in trouble. It is one thing to crack wise on the local zoo crew morning radio shlockfest of morons, but taking it beyond the safe haven of a friendly audience will only end poorly.

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  1. Got to admit, that comeback by Mirlis was pretty good.

  2. Seems like it’s a bit of an unfortunate trend for JPA. Any criticism he receives tends not to go over well. Even with constructive criticism, he gets his back up.

    • I’ll attest to that. I made a comment about him on twitter almost a year ago and he blocked me for it. It wasn’t even an unwarranted comment and certainly didn’t come close to being an insult or disrespect. Guy’s got issues.

      • Same thing here! I made a comment about as a ticket paying, jersey buying fan I was disappointing they misled about Darvish, he replied calling me a fake fan and blocked me

        • The Jays never misled anybody about anything; the media did.

          • True but that’s still no reason for J.P.A to block someone. That’s certainly not going to help clear up the misunderstanding.

          • they certianly let the media run with it, new once denying they were in the bidding

        • you are easily misled it seems. do you think you are entitled to more because you buy a ticket and a jersey?pull your head out

  3. I saw KLaw’s reply of “Fat jokes, really?”, but wasn’t he the one tweeting “Muffin-top McDade” during the spring?

    • was he? i could see it – klaw has some deep-seated issues. don’t call him on it though, at best he’ll just offer a simpering apology and continue to be the same jackass-nerd he’s presumably been since childhood.

  4. Wow. JP got owned.

  5. The “#WastedDraftPick” is a bit much however. No way you can consider Cibia that.

    • I think he might be referring to a fantasy draft pick as he was saying that Cibia’s fantasy numbers are worse than two inactive players.

      • Ah, I understand. Still a bit early for that though, I think. He’ll probably still swat out more than most, if not all, catchers

    • the wasted draft pick was in reference to his fantasy draft i think. also, that’s a great description of the Edge morning show dummies.

  6. JPA lost a fan here. Maybe Blundell and his crew of douchebags will give him a job after D’Arnaud takes his roster spot.

    • Awww another little PC pussy. I bet everyone is either mean or a racist right? Loser.

      • you dont like that he insulted Dean Blundell I take it?

        I guess its easy to forget that not everyone hates the cookie cutter Stern wannabe…

      • I expect professional athletes to react to praise with humility and criticism with, well, *professionalism*.

        Imagine the shitstorm that would be unleashed if @humandchuck criticized a player, and the player responded “Get back in the kitchen, LOL.” This isn’t any different.

        • You’ll be waiting a long time if you expect that from all of them. And making someone because they are fat and dismissing them because of their sex is totally different. Last time I checked you born Male or Female. You become fat from bad diet and lack of exercise. One is a choice the other is not. Wayyyyy different.

          • As a person who spent most of their childhood and adolescence obese and is now in much better health I’ll agree that a person certainly has some measure of control over their weight. With that said, to ignore that genetic factors play a MAJOR role in whether or not someone is overweight or, especially, obese is to take the point you are trying to make too far. The fact is that I need to exercise a lot more and eat a lot healthier than the average joe to not be fat. It’s not like gender, race, or sexuality, but it’s not something that everyone has complete control over.

  7. If baseball was wrestling, Arencibia and Pedro Alvarez would be a tag team.

  8. I would imagine this is his last year with the Jays unless d’Arnaud really performs poorly in AAA.

  9. i like JP, but thats a cheap and weak shot on his part, I’d hated to have to start tweeting at him with #WastedJerseyPurchase for his poor smack talk.

  10. Sucks to see a guy who is part of a new core in Toronto, along with a young and growing fan base, take a shot like that. Sure it sucks that he got called out on his production, but he opts to divert attention to a guys weight? C’mon man, let your bat do the talking on the field.

    This really blows because I was a huge JP supporter before this, but with bullying being such a huge concern right now Arencibia needed to be smarter about his response.

    • He’s a core part of the team’s marketing with him being handsome and hitting homeruns and all but there’s no way he should be considered part of the core in a baseball sense.

  11. Guys, is this article a joke? Aaron Cibia? You don’t even know his name? C’mon!

  12. For those of us not on twitter, what was JPA’s insult/tweet?

  13. I didn’t see the original tweet from Mirlis, but it really doesn’t seem that insulting, and it doesn’t seem to be that far from the truth (and may actually be true depending on the fantasy scoring): “Scary bad stat line: @jparencibia9 ranked behind guys like Mike Morse and V-Mart so far this season…and they have not played.” I would thank that he has heard much worse.

    Though I would like to bring up something that has annoyed me for a long time, and this doesn’t absolve Arencibia: Why the heck does this guy need to tweet @ the athlete!?!?! Whether it is a compliment or an insult there seems to be no value in adding there twitter name into that statement. Do you want Arencibia to see it? Do you want your follows to know he is on twitter? Those seem the only possible reasons and seem pretty stupid. And on top of that, using twitter handles can just confuse the situation because they aren’t obvious at times. I know it is useless trying to understand anything on twitter (Can I get an RT?), but this is just another form of stupidity.

    • I agree. Poor decision on Mirlis’s part to send it to Cibia. Worse decision by JP to reply in the way that he did.

      I don’t really understand Twitter, but it seems he (JP) is re-tweeting things from his followers defending him. I was a big JP supporter before this, but this is very poor behaviour on his part, and hopefully he recognizes that soon.

    • Mirlis is a shock jock. He took a shot at a guy who uses Twitter to stir the pot and hope for a bad reaction, a la fat jokes. I’m sure the guy got 30 minutes of filler between his “outrage” at JPs response and then divided Twitter and call-in reactions. Not really different from the shtick of calling some random person and behaving like an ass.

      The only people entertained by this are the shock jock himself and his fanbase, the sum of whose combined IQs are in the same neighbourhood as JPs batting average.

      Sorry for that one JP. I’ll have another donut!

  14. He should put that anger towards time in the batting cage. If he doesn’t start to figure it out soon Travis d’Arnaud is going to have his job.

  15. Everyone is too sensitive. Was it stupid? Sure. Does it matter at the end of the day? No. Just classic political correctness taking over. You wonder why no one likes talking to the media/having a personality. You can’t say anything without having to apologize because someone was “offended”.

    • Of course it doesn’t matter. No one here is claiming that he should be fired or drawn and quartered. But he IS an employee of the Blue Jays, who have a business to run, and he is a public figure. Everyone has the right to support or not support a public figure, and if they choose to do so based on how this public figure treats other people, then that is their choice. As an employee, he should realize that his comments will be received negatively and thus have a negative impact on his employer. The purpose of his twitter is to engage fans, and win their support.
      Nothing is “taking over”, it’s merely people saying he made a mistake, i.e. risking fan support on a frivolous matter.
      And your last line is pretty funny, of course someone was offended. JP’s comment was an insult, and nothing less: “You are fat”, and directed at one particular person for the purpose of offending him. If anything your line should read, “Mirlis can’t say anything factual without offending JP.”

  16. Cibia has said he immediately blocks any negativity on Twitter. When all he sees are @ replies from sycophants, combined with the influence of the Dean Blundell crew, no wonder he thinks a fat joke is okay.

  17. This childish spat, hanging out with Donald Trump, and being a country music fan. Three strikes and you’re out.

  18. This is just childish name calling by two grown men who should know better. I don’t regret my jersey purchase and believe this will all be long forgotten as soon as Lawrie points out someone’s Plumber’s Crack.

  19. I wonder if players on Jays or in MLB get an guidance on acceptable / non-acceptable behaviour in social media.

    I understand some of these guys are young, and we probably did worse at that age, but I do think a higher standard goes with the kind of money these guys are making. They represent the Jays as an organization, and are role models for kids. This kind of stuff doesn’t help them or the organization look good.

    Yes, he is struggling and probably frustrated, but with that comment he lost more of my respect than he would have if he simply continued his horrendous batting results.

    • They’ve got to have some guidelines. Yesterday, Chris Perez was fined $750 for a tweet.

      • Bigger news from that article. Another pitcher appealing his suspension to his next start and then going to drop it afterwards, so he only misses a day rather than a start.

        Something should be done about that. I’m not sure what, though. Each day you play while there is an ongoing appeal process is another day added onto the suspension if upheld might work, but it seems a little harsh to those honest appealers who simply lose their appeal.

    • They do… there is a full policy for social media. I’m sure this violated some part of it. No idea what, if any, the consequences are.

      I agree. I hate the term role model, but at the very least, his response is not something he should have done. It was just a very poor decision and the only way he could have come out looking not bad would have been to apologize right away. If he apologizes now, it will looked forced.

      To make more of a mountain out of a mole hill, what would be the response if he had a more creative, less juvenile retort to the guy? It looks like the only reason he’s getting called out is because he made such a childish response, not because he called out someone who was virtual heckling him. LoMo does that so often and seems to get away with it just fine. Actually, LoMo has said things worse in response to followers than JP did here.

  20. Are you people are forgetting that JPA is there for his catching abilities and not hitting? Ask his starting pitchers what he means to the team. That’s where he makes his money, not from hitting.. he’s a catcher people! The Jays have Jose, Brett, Lind, Edwin, etc to put up runs. JPA is there for the pitchers and throwing out base runners.

    • Except for Brandon Morrow, who seems to require a personal catcher that isn’t JPA.

    • Don’t think it’s too much to ask for catching and hitting abilities. Bottom line, if he can’t hit, he isn’t an MLB starter for much longer.

    • Who are you talking to? Whether true or not, this does not seem to be the issue at debate.

    • is it too much to ask for 5 hits out of 20 at bats?

    • Catching abilities? He was literally the worst catcher in the league last year. He will never be a good enough defensive catcher to justify his space in the lineup unless he hits.

  21. Silly move on Arencibia’s part. I guess athletes like JP can take their frustration out on fans via twitter by insulting and blocking them since you can’t exactly do that to the negative fans at the games.

  22. Are you fuckin retarded Eric Mirlis? Oh how fast people turn, He single handedly won us the first game with that 3 run homer. Last season JP set the Homerun record for catchers and 78 RBIs. All while playing one of if not thee most demanding position. He has had a bad week and a half and he will be the first to tell you that. His last start he hit 3 balls hard just right at guys. I bet your one of those guys that think Mathis should start, Mathis despite getting a few hits this season is known to be a defensive cather and his overall batting average is .196. You writers just need shit to talk about it and your an absoulute joke. JP has hit in wherever he has played professional ball. Send a tweet to Mike Wilner and this same shit and he will probably rip you to shreads.

    • You are right Luke. These idiots know nothing and are turning on a guy after a couple weeks. Its a joke.

    • Don’t forget, at one point Mathis was a promising offensive prospect!!!

      I know, seems like a long time ago…

    • and mirlis does look like a fat bastard.this to the guy above saying it was the truth about jp’s numbers.are we allowed to be factual or not.and the comeback was a beauty.oh does this make my butt look big?haha world full of babies and losers.you cant handle the truth!

  23. The guy who wrote this is a moron anyways. Who cares. JP will get it going. Everyone has slumps. Its obvious this twat is not a fan of Blundell and has probably been ripped by them in the past. I will be sure to let Dean know so they can crush this nobody. All the people going crazy here remember – ITS LIKE 10 F’n GAMES. Take it easy. Morons.

    • Which guy? The guy who wrote the tweet or the post? I’M SO CONFUSED.

      • I believe he is referring to himself.

        • The guy who is a wannabe writer but can not spell the name of the lead in the story. I also think Rory is your butt buddy on the side.
          How can anyone take this crap seriously if you cannot even put together a sentence or spell a player’s name correctly?

    • Please let Dean know… Im sure he will make an awesome joke that will have nothing to do with pooh/farts/vaginas/fat chicks/tampons/anything that has shock value to those of us who arent total morons…

      I wonder if Torontonians are as embarrassed about Dean Blundell as African Americans are about Tyler Perry?

  24. BUT JEFF MATHIS THOUGH?! amiright?

  25. I guess 3 games ago we should have sat Bautista to eh Eric?

  26. I would think though that a professional journalist would have to subscribe to some kind of set of standards in regards to social media – basically, discuss your opinions in your own forum (radio show, newspaper column, etc) and keep it at that. Taking to Twitter just to mock that player, especially when you @ them, doesn’t seem like it jives with journalistic integrity.

    Was it poor judgement on JPA’s part to respond the way he did? Of course. He’s frustrated, as he should be, with his own performance, but insulting a player-baiting jerk isn’t an appropriate response. I just hope that this kind of thing doesn’t compel the Jays to crack down on the use of Twitter by their players (especially since they apparently weren’t pleased a couple years back when Dirk Hayhurst, JPA, Ricky Romero and others jumped on board).

  27. The fact that Mirlis’ original tweet was tweeted @jparencibia9 suggests to me that he wanted Arencibia to see it. He was trolling Arencibia, and regrettably Arencibia took the bait.

  28. You guys are way over reacting, They were ignorant comments on both accounts, but this is not a sports news issue, J.P is the man in Toronto, if you don’t see the support he gives to this city at every opportunity he gets then you guys aren’t really paying attention. This is a non-issue, so drop it. J.P is going to turn it around soon, and you will all be sorry for taking the “hefty” media members side. Pot calling the kettle black

    • You are missing the point. People (outside of about 2 wanting D’Arnaud) are not making any judgement about JP’s hitting. They are making a judgement about his PR skills, probably moreso because he has been very good to the city and this seems to be somewhat out of character for him. I don’t think JP “turning it around” has any relevance to this discussion (other than his poor play of late inspiring the original tweet). Do you think that if JP were hitting well, and he called someone fat, we would all say, ‘That’s okay, since he is hitting well, he can call people fat.” If you think that, I think you have completely misjudged what people are posting here.

      • I don’t think you can seperate the p.r. thing from the performance thing. It’s naive to think that performance doesn’t earn you rope with the fans and the media. Take Lawrie’s terrible base running mistakes for instance. Do you think fans would be as willing to write those off as “mistakes of aggression” if a more marginal player, say Eric Thames, was behind them.

        If J.P. wants to talk the talk, he needs to walk the walk otherwise he needs to STFO. The “Be as big a douche as you want” card is reserved for elite players like Lawrie.

      • I don’t get it. During the winter, you have Lawrie flashing a peace sign beside a large woman’s butt crack at a hockey game most of the posters on DJF defended Lawrie and some made fun of the women saying she deserved it because she was fat. Now everyone seems to be up in arms over this???

      • You don’t think these people bashing him would be speaking a different tune if say he were putting up Kemp like stats. Get real buddy! When players are down, the village idiots really show their faces. As it turns out this is exactly what JP needed cause he put up some decent numbers tonight, just need some pitching help…..

  29. Imagine all the people Sidney Crosby could take shots at if he weren’t such a professional.

  30. Sigh. RELAX. I wish JP had held his fire because there was nothing to be gained by it. But the guy was trying to provoke a reaction and got one. And if JP blocks you on twitter, who gives a crap? He, like the rest of us, uses it for his own amusement and that’s his prerogative.

  31. Aaron Cibia is a tool.

    Last year early on in the season (or probably in the spring), Zaun was critiquing his defensive skills and said that he needed to improve. Arencibia heard about it and then tweeted something along the lines of “There’s a reason why you’re in the booth and not on the field”

    Totally unexpected from a rookie saying that to a seasoned veteran.

    • he was right too.zaun explaining hitting is hilarious.he couldnt hit either.zaun is an arrogant mouthpiece who attacks without provocation.zaun should be served a big steamy pile of shit on a plate on tv.i will give him a spoon

  32. I think we’re all getting away from the important details of this story: Dean Blundell suuuuuuucks.

  33. you know when you say “It is one thing to crack wise on the local zoo crew morning radio shlockfest of morons” you fall down to their level and lose your credibility. Maybe take your own adivse and “rise above such pettiness”.

    • On the other hand, those guys are scum?

      • So people in the public eye are either “role models” or “scum”? Does everything on the internet have to be one extreme opinion or the other?

      • i would say on the other hand you are a hypocrite.
        You blog about how bad it was for Cibia to make fun of someone then you do it yourself.

        Again take your own advice and rise above.

        • You really think this post was about “how bad” it was?

          I felt like, if anything, I came down on JPA’s side here. I certainly feel that the comments are offside for his station in life but the media guy is an opportunistic troll.

          • I think the post was fine – fair and balanced. The assorted comments for this entire post have devolved into those of the more Inebriated Avian Supporter variety.

  34. I think these spats that athletes get involved in with fans/media just go to show how fragile their precious ego’s are. I mean does JP not understand that he’s going to get criticized and beaked when he goes on social media sites. Especially when his numbers are so bad they make Jeff Mathis (the worst hitter in…ever) look good. Grow up. Your a professional. #DoucheJays

    • I think we got another good example of how fragile those ego’s are with Romero’s reaction to Joe Maddon’s strategy. I love Romero but that reaction was pathetic.

  35. Who is this Aaron Cibia guy and why is he insulting people who critique Arencibia? Ball players with high profiles need to get used to being attacked. It goes with the territory, just like Toronto media morons being anti-home-team (see Jays, Leafs, Argos, Raptors, Marlies etc.). When the Jays won their first World Series, local press was NOT on the band wagon and gave Jays a long shot to repeat one year later.

  36. Good for JP , considering all Toronto franchises are garbage and the players always get shit on by the media it’s about time someone lashed out . Even though JP got owned and is playing horrible it’s refreshing to see players not letting the media talk shit about them. GO JAYS GO

  37. I’ve been playing fantasy for roughly as long as I’ve been able to add, and, because I am an adult and not a petulant child, I’ve never felt the need to @ reply a player about his shitty performance. Because I understand the concept of sample size, that goes double for doing so after 11 games. Aaron Cibia’s reply was stupid and criminally unfunny, but Mirlis’ whining about respect is silly–he wouldn’t have said what he said in his tweet to JP’s face any more than JP would have done the same.

    I’m beginning to wonder why the Jays players have Twitter at all, unless it’s to stoke their egos through their interactions with hot jersey-chasers. The only Jay on Twitter who I don’t think less of because of his Twitter account is Morrow, and he barely tweets.

  38. Getting the turn around burn on the donut reference should be punishment enough.

  39. Maybe JP thought Mirlis was related to Don Koharski?

  40. Wow, this guy already sucks at baseball. Now we know he’s quite stupid too.

    Mathis/d’Arnaud the rest of the way please…yea yea, just kiddding, I know, fuck off…

    Funny how 2 days ago DJF’s were complaining about the small sample size. Now they probably agree the JPA sucks shit. Fuck sample size. Anyone could look at the guy at the plate and see that he just wasn’t right.

    Sample size needed to know that JP sucks: One at-bat. It took place with the bases juiced and 2 out and he watched a meatball go right past him for strike three.

    And now he’s calling people fat on twitter? GImme a break man. Maybe your time would be better spent in the batting cage?

    We should have never trusted this guy, I mean…his name is J.P. for fucks sake!!!

    • oh yeah, and I also (partly) blame JP for Charlie V’s shitty night. Nice pitch calling buddy. Changeup hits Molina. Changeup thrown for wild pitch. Bases loaded, 3-2 count…guess what he throws? Changeup, ball 4. Bases loaded again, 2-0 count…u guessed it…changeup, Grand Slam.

  41. By heafty media member, do you mean that he is fat or well respected?

    • also JP will be alright…he needs to start shifting his focus from catching to hitting a little bit more. Its not like he is a number nine batter that you can roll your eyes at and just try throwing fast balls by him, or a pitcher.

  42. Twitter? I thought that was the place between your twat and your shitter? Fuck me, you people are sensitive. It’s the fucking internet, and people get trolled daily. I would have just told the dude straight up to just hit fat fucking pie-hole; I think Arencibia did it kinda playfully.

    2 cents.

  43. Should JP have stayed out of it – probably.

    But if the troll is going to @ him – his fat face is fair game. If you’re going to make sure someone sees you talking smack about them – you’re a dick. You deserve what comes to you – and ultimately JP (despite his struggles) is a young, good looking, millionaire – sleeping on a mountain of poontang every night.

    Eric Mirlis is an aging, fat, shitty writer who climbs on top of a mountain of a wife at the end of the day.

    Either one could be the bigger person – and chose not to.

  44. Even Jose Bautista of all people responded to a Masshole douchebag’s criticism on Twitter last season (although it was with a bit more tact). I had no real problem with that, just as I had no real problem with this.

  45. Which is worst?

    … a sexist comment, a racist comment, a classist commmment, a fatist comment?

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