Whatever do you think the Getting Blanked crew chose as their main topic of discussion today? Might it have been the Dodgers failure to hold off the charging Brew Crew? The #Barves/Mets rain-soaked blowout? Of course not! It is Clifton Phifer Lee and Matthew Thomas Cain o’clock. All day, every day.

All that plus the debut of our new segment Proposition Hate. Gambling with the highest possible stakes,

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  1. Just wanted to chime in and say awesome shirt Drew. (Also enjoying the show as always, but that is neither here nor there).

  2. guys… you shouldn’t pick the “game time” one after another, it gives handicap ( by knowing ) to the next person… the best way ( the most honest ) is to write your pick, and then show it at the same time.

    btw will you manage to have betting competition like Skeets & Tas have ?

    for all the “moneymakers” ;-) it’s a quite important part of every podcast :P

    GL !

  3. On Morneau at the new Yankee Stadium, I heard this morning that he has 7 HR in 12 games in NY, and has 5 HR in 80 games at Target field…I guess he really does love hitting there.

    • Everyone loves hitting at new Yankee stadium. It is, as Gregg Zaun so eloquently puts it, “a little league park”.

  4. So, for the game time bet.

    Parkes: 11′ 14
    Stoeten 11′ 15
    Drew 11′ 26

    For any time less than 11′ 20, Drew loses. For any time greater than 11′ 20, Parkes loses. For 11′ 20 itself, it’s a tie for last between Drew and Parkes. Stoeten is completely untouchable.

  5. A smarter play for drew would’ve been to take 11:16. Also, Parkes is surprisingly good looking. What’s with that?

    • They said Price is Right rules, no? Closest under the actual time wins. Unless everyone is over. So Stoeten wins at 11′ 25 down to his pick. Parkes wins at 11′ 14 and under. If it’s at or over 11′ 26 Drew wins.

  6. Oops, that was supposed to be a reply to Peter.

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