This is posted here for one reason: to be bookmarked and sent to anyone who ever quotes you statistics two weeks into the season.

Awesome work by Ted Berg at

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  1. Parkes, this is completely unrelated, but have you ever noticed that you and Adam Lind have the same cat-like eyes?

    • Haha I noticed they had similar quaffed hairstyles. I think Parkes hatred for Adam Lind is based more upon being a jealous half sibling than the fact that Adam Lind is terrible.

  2. why you tryin to crush my dreams Parkes

  3. This is pure brilliance.

  4. This song is stupid.

  5. Best examples of small sample size producing meaningless numbers that are hilarious in hindsight…

    JP Arencibia with 2 home runs after 1 game in MLB

    JP Arencibia with 2 home runs and a triple 1 game into 2011 season

    JP Arencibia with 1 home run 1 game into 2012 season

    yeah, you’re right…small sample sizes are dumb…I mean, we all know how shitty this guy really is.

  6. Bookmarked … and I got to use it today in response to someone who was suggesting that Bautista has fallen off a cliff.

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