When the San Francisco Giants tied their game this afternoon against the New York Mets in the top-of-the-ninth inning on a pop-up by pinch-hitter Brandon Belt to shallow centerfield (a play that was promptly “Metsed” by Ruben Tejada and Kirk Nieuwenhuis), little did the baseball world know that that play would be the second-most surprising thing to happen in the game.

With Ryan Theriot apparently unavailable, the Giants decided their best course of action when faced with a short bench, was to put Aubrey Huff (yes, the same Aubrey Huff who incompetently plays first base) at second base. Huff then inexplicably forgot to cover second on a potential inning-ending double play grounder to Manny Burriss, loading the bases. One Buster Posey throwing error later and the Mets won the game.

I’d be more dumbfounded if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

Manny Burriss is all like "What's the deal, Huffer?" and then realizes that the deal is, he's Aubrey Huff.



To be fair, the only other player that could have played second on the Giants roster with Theriot unavailable was Brett Pill. Unfortunately, Giants manager Bruce Bochy burned Pill after sending him to pinch hit against Tim Byrdak in the top-of-the-ninth. The Mets quickly brought in Jon Rauch and Bochy pulled Pill back in favour of Belt.

Of course, Belt would go on to tie the game, but Bochy’s lack of foresight is staggering. Knowing there was a good chance that the game could end up tied and he would have to field a defense in the bottom half of the inning, why wouldn’t Bochy stick with Pill to make sure he’d covered his bases? Literally and metaphorically. I mean, seriously, what is this, little league?

Bochy’s flat-out refusal to play Brandon Belt (admittedly, probably not his decision alone) and his decision to pinch hit with Matt Cain in the fifth inning of yesterday’s game already had me thinking he was entirely incapable of tactically managing a baseball team. Today’s events make me question his intellectual capability of walking without falling down.

GIFs provided by the loving hands and mind  of Scott Lewis.

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  1. Oh dear. It’s like one of those animatronic displays at Disneyland, when one of the parts breaks. Everything else happens perfectly, the cameraman remembers to cover second, and then…. chaos.

  2. Amazing…between the Giants pitching staff and the manager’s inability to field a team behind it, you have to admit, the Giants are one fun team to watch.

  3. that throw made me laugh a lot

  4. I’m still trying to pinpoint the hate-on that the Giants seem to have for Brandon Belt.

  5. Look at that great veteran hustle by the Huffer! In Little League they would put Aubrey about 2 feet away from 2nd to at least get the force out.

    So normal managers only have to resort to this sort of stuff in the 17th inning when you’re desperate, but the Giants do it in the 9th inning. Very impressive!

  6. That is absolutely hilarious.
    Parkes must just be absolutely stewing in his sweater.

  7. I love the second base umpire getting in position to make a call on… the ensuing hilarity.

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