What do you get for the sports fan who has everything? Whatever can fill the enormous hole in the life of a the sports collectables fanatic? Looking for the finishing touch for your ludicrously over-the-top backyard wiffleball complex?

Well, my friends, the original visitors dugout from Seattle’s Kingdome can be yours! This blue shed purported to be that very same structure is now for sale on eBay, with the most recent bid coming in just below $7500 bucks.

If you have the money to spare, you can sit where your favorite AL stars of yesterday sat, fart where Steve Sax once farted. Spit where Carlton Fisk spat. Curse where Earl Weaver cursed. Stew in your hungover juices where Wade Boggs once sweated out the 70-odd beers he enjoyed on the flight to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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